Sound professional when your customers call

PressOne provides you with a business phone number that answers your call with a professional voice and forwards the call to your phone if you are available. If you are not available, it takes a voice message on your behalf and sends it to your email.

Better Credibility !!!

Which phone number makes your business look serious? 08023308790 or 01-7006136? Now you have no excuse appearing like a one-man business.

Great First Impression

When potential customers call, what do they hear first? A grumpy hello? or a professional voice welcoming them to your business.

Personalized Greeting

PressOne provides you with an easy to use self service portal. You can input your personalised greeting message or upload a voice recording.

Handle Call Extensions

With PressOne, your business can appear like you have multiple units (or departments). Even employees can have their own extension numbers.

Be local, Be International

Not fully based in Nigeria or travel often? Your PressOne business number will forward calls to any phone number in the world.

No Missed Opportunities

Don't miss out on opportunities because you are unable to pick a business call. PressOne numbers automatically collects a voice message.

It pays to make a great first impression

You may not be able to afford a receptionist with a pretty voice, but you can definitely afford a PressOne number.

A subscription plan for every business



per month

01 -700 ####

  • Forward calls to any local number
  • 15 voice messages per week
  • 100 minutes free call credit



per month

01 -700 ####

  • Everything in Value plan, plus
  • Forward calls to international numbers
  • Extra 300 minutes free call credit

Want to see how it works?

Get yourself an extension.   Dial 017006136 and enter your extension to test call forwarding to your mobile phone and voice messages to your email..

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

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